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New Book: Going It Alone

In Going It Alone: Essential Tips for the Independent Consultant Karl Wiegers offers an abundance of pragmatic pointers from his 20+ years of experience as a consultant, trainer, and author. If you have questions about setting prices, negotiating agreements, dealing with difficult clients, writing for publication, or generating revenue while you sleep, Going It Alone has answers.

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New Book: The Reconstruction

The Reconstruction

Karl Wiegers's first novel, a forensic mystery titled The Reconstruction, is now available! Here's the synopsis: "Shocked when she discovers that she has a close personal connection to some unidentified remains found in a forest grave, a forensic sculptor strives to identify the victim, confirm their relationship, and deliver justice for the victim's death." See a longer description and sample chapters at TheReconstructionBook.com.

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"Everything's Negotiable," adapted from Going It Alone: Essential Tips for the Independent Consultant

Who is Process Impact?

Since 1997, Process Impact has collaborated with clients worldwide to have an impact on the processes their software teams use, and to help those processes have an impact on the business. Areas of expertise include requirements engineering, project management, and software quality. Karl Wiegers, Principal Consultant, has many years of experience with software development, management, and leading process and quality improvement activities.

Products and Services

  • Training courses on various aspects of software development and management
  • eLearning versions of training courses, which provide flexible and inexpensive training options
  • Books and articles on many aspects of software development, management, and other topics
  • E-books with concise, practical guidance
  • A wide variety of templates, spreadsheet tools, checklists, procedures, and other process goodies
  • Consulting and coaching on software requirements, busines analysis, process improvement, project management, and peer reviews

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Karl Wiegers, PhD
Principal Consultant
Process Impact
11491 SE 119th Drive
Happy Valley, OR 97086-8278
Phone: 503-698-7879

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