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Books for Consultants

Money Talks Money Talks by Alan Weiss (McGraw-Hill, 1997) discusses the synergy between consulting, writing, and speaking, showing ways to increase revenue and opportunities by tying these activities together. It contains many excellent tips for professional speakers and trainers.

Million Dollar Consulting Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss (McGraw-Hill, 1997) presents no-nonsense guidance on how to establish your consulting practice and make it flourish. Weiss's books contain many great ideas, written in a fast-paced and conversational style.
Secrets of Consulting The Secrets of Consulting by Gerald M. Weinberg (Dorset House, 1986) provides countless tips on how to think about being an effective consultant, from one of the most experienced consultants and authors in the software industry.

Flawless Consulting Flawless Consulting, 3rd Edition by Peter Block (Pfeiffer, 2011) is a classic text for both independent consultants and those who provide consulting services within an organization.
Getting to Yes Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton (Penguin USA, 1991) provides excellent advice on how to successfully negotiate from an understanding of each party's interests, rather than by debating immovable positions.

Sample Templates for Writing Client Agreements


Speaking Agreement #1


On-site Consulting Agreement #1
On-site Consulting Agreement #2
Off-site Consulting Agreement #1


Licensing Courseware to Trainers
Licensing Courseware to Corporations

Sample Book Proposals and Outlines

Software Requirements Software Requirements

Proposal (for first edition)
Outline (for first edition)
Peer Reviews Peer Reviews in Software

Pearls from Sand Pearls from Sand

Proposal and Outline
Book Status Tracking Template and Partial Example

Sample Checklists for Your Consulting Business

From Karl Wiegers

Travel Checklist
Time Tracking Form
Event Tracking Form

From Mike Cohn

Packing List
Engagement Checklist
Class Preparation List
Presenting to a Regional Group
Activities for Public Classes
Booking Venues for Classes

Collaboration Tools

Joan Davis has kindly provided a list of links to more than 20 tools that are useful for facilitating virtual consulting or any other type of long-distance collaboration.

Download Collaboration Tools PDF

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