Software Development Pearls
New Book: Software Development Pearls
Lessons from Fifty Years of Software Experience

Experience is a powerful teacher, but it's also slow and painful. Software Development Pearls helps you improve faster and bypass much of the pain. It presents 60 lessons I've learned throughout my career, both from my personal experience and from some 150 companies I've worked with as a consultant and trainer. The lessons address six areas that are key to software development success: requirements, design, project management, culture and teamwork, quality, and process improvement. The concise tutorials and practical guidance apply to all your projects, regardless of your role, industry, technology, or methodology.

The audiobook version of Software Development Pearls is now available!

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Who is Process Impact?

Since 1997, Process Impact has collaborated with clients worldwide to have an impact on the processes their software teams use, and to help those processes have an impact on the business. Areas of expertise include requirements engineering, project management, and software quality. Karl Wiegers, Principal Consultant, has many years of experience with software development, management, and leading process and quality improvement activities.

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Norm Kerth Update

Norm Kerth, a highly respected software consultant who received a disabling traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident in 1999, has asked me to share an update on his situation.