More About Software Requirements: Thorny Issues and Practical Advice


Part I: On Essential Requirements Concepts

Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Software Requirements
Chapter 2. Cosmic Truths About Software Requirements

Part II: On the Management View of Requirements

Chapter 3. The Business Value of Better Requirements
Chapter 4. How Long Do Requirements Take?
Chapter 5. Estimating Based on Requirements

Part III: On Customer Interactions

Chapter 6. The Myth of the On-Site Customer
Chapter 7. An Inquiry, Not an Inquisition
Chapter 8. Two Eyes Aren't Enough

Part IV: On Use Cases

Chapter 9. Use Cases and Scenarios and Stories, Oh My!
Chapter 10. Actors and Users
Chapter 11. When Use Cases Aren't Enough

Part V: On Writing Requirements

Chapter 11. Bridging Documents
Chapter 13. How Much Detail Do You Need?
Chapter 14. To Duplicate or Not To Duplicate
Chapter 15. Elements of Requirements Style
Chapter 16. The Fuzzy Line Between Requirements and Design

Part VI: On the Requirements Process

Chapter 17. Defining Project Scope
Chapter 18. The Line in the Sand
Chapter 19. The Six Blind Men and the Requirements

Part VII: On Managing Requirements

Chapter 20. Handling Requirements for Multiple Releases
Chapter 21. Business Requirements and Business Rules
Chapter 22. Measuring Requirements
Chapter 23. Exploiting Requirements Management Tools


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