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Project initiation is the process of formally conceiving, approving, and launching a new project. Practical Project Initiation: A Handbook with Tools by Karl Wiegers describes many actions that lay the foundation for a successful project. Both experienced and novice project managers will find the practices described here to be valuable. Topics covered include:

  • Prioritizing projects
  • Defining project success criteria and product release criteria
  • Negotiating commitments
  • Project chartering
  • Risk management
  • Project retrospectives and lessons learned
  • Metrics

Each chapter in the book includes several practice activities and worksheets to help you begin applying the suggested techniques to your own projects immediately. The worksheets are listed below for downloading. The book also refers to numerous process assets, such as templates, procedure descriptions, spreadsheet tools, and other items that project managers will find useful. These items also are accessible from this page.

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Training Resources Available

Worksheets from the Book

Supporting Process Assets

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Project Management Plan Template (preview)
Project Charter Template (preview)
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Retrospective Procedure (preview)
Retrospective Planning Worksheet
Retrospective Summary Report Template
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Risk Management Plan Template (preview)
Risk List Template
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Subcontract Management Plan Template (preview)
Request for Proposal Template (preview)
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Action Plan Template
Lessons Learned Template
Project Prioritization Spreadsheet
Wideband Delphi Worksheet
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