Practical Project Initiation: A Handbook with Tools


Part I. Project Management Fundamentals

Chapter 1. A Project Management Primer
Chapter 2. Project Management Good Practices
Chapter 3. Just Too Much to Do

Part II. Preparing for Success

Chapter 4. Success Criteria Breed Success
Chapter 5. Are We There Yet?
Chapter 6. Know Your Enemy: Introduction to Risk Management
Chapter 7. Chartering a Course for Success
Chapter 8. Lessons Learned from Tool Adoption

Part III. Living with Reality

Chapter 9. Negotiating Achievable Commitments
Chapter 10. Saving for a Rainy Day
Chapter 11. Stop Promising Miracles

Part IV. Measuring What Happens

Chapter 12. A Software Metrics Primer
Chapter 13. Metrics Traps To Avoid

Part V. Learning Continuously

Chapter 14. Learning from Experience
Chapter 15. Looking Back, Looking Ahead


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